Coin Features

The currency

Sparks is the underlying currency fueling our project, which will at first be used to pay for all services provided, and further down the line can be used as a real alternative to fiat currencies between people and merchants around the world.

  • NeoScrypt Algorithm

  • 120 Second Lightning-Fast Block Time

  • Difficulty Adjustment Each Block (Dark Gravity Wave v3)

  • Proof of Work + Masternode Verification

  • Low Transaction Fees

  • InstantSend

  • Decentralized Governance + Community Voting

  • Private Transactions

  • Max Supply: 21 Million

Masternodes and Guardian nodes


Transactions are validated on the Sparks blockchain through Proof of Work as well as masternodes. Masternodes and miners that contribute to the network are rewarded for their work with Sparks coins.


Masternode Collateral: 1000 SPK
Guardian Node Collateral: 25000 SPK

Block Reward: 12 SPK

Masternode Reward: 8.4 SPK
Guardian Node Reward: 8.4 SPK (paid ~26.75 times more often than a Masternode)

Mining Reward: 3.6 SPK
Core Dev Fund: 10%
Governance Fund: 10% (in effect after block 350000)


Guardian nodes

In addition to Masternodes , Sparks introduces a tiered masternode concept: the Guardian node. With Guardian nodes, anyone can share in the growth of Sparks. Guardian nodes earn 7% more than by just owning 25 regular masternodes.

Guardian node holders will also directly have rewards tied to the fees earned by the platform, sharing a percentage of all profits. Fees earned by the Sparks platform will be divided by the number of Guardian node holders and paid on a set frequency.

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