We are super excited to reboot the Sparkspay project!

As our first step, we wanted to refresh the image of Sparkspay, with the goal of bringing this wonderful technology to as many people as possible.

Sparks Logo 2019 and before
Project for new logo Sparks
Initial Project #32 new Sparks logo

We started by creating a new logo. Almost fifty logos were drawn by our designer (thanks Caroline !).

The new Sparks logo represents a helmet (Sparksta! 😀 ), which symbolizes consumer protection, a secure currency, reassuring for the users.

Alternate sparks logo

It also depicts two stylized identical hands that are joining, symbolizing exchange of services and cooperation, concepts which are dear to us.

Final Sparks logo

We also wanted to associate a specific color to each of the Sparkspay services, which we also use on the roadmap and on the service descriptions.

Sparks Nodes
Sparks Protect
Sparks Trade

Sparks Market
Sparkspay Website 2019 and before

Then, we worked on the new website.

Unlike many cryptocurrencies that rely on low-level developments to show their technological level, we preferred to bet on a classic WordPress basis, with its SEO and marketing modules. Our goal at Sparkspay is to develop a community of technology users, looking for passive income and digital cash projects.

We hope you like this new direction as much as we do.

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